The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) administers AmeriCorps at the federal level and works in partnership with states to develop service programs and create a community-based national service network. The United Way Association of South Carolina (UWASC) is the administrative agent for South Carolina’s AmeriCorps programs.

Oftentimes described as the domestic Peace Corps, AmeriCorps programs help communities address locally-defined challenges by mobilizing America’s greatest asset, its citizens. There are full-time AmeriCorps positions available across South Carolina that engage dedicated leaders from age 17 to 117+ who will commit to utilizing their skill, experience, and passion to address needs. The United Way of Anderson County has been the proud host of an AmeriCorps program for well over a decade.

We've recently launched two new AmeriCorps focus areas: Camp Mariposa Mentors for At-Risk Youth & Education and Outreach Team for Substance Misuse / Mental Health / Suicidal Ideation. We are currently recruiting for the next service year (8/1/24-7/31/25). For more information please download the position descriptions at the bottom of the page.

Mission:  To Address Critical Issues such as Substance Abuse/Misuse, Mental Health and Behavioral Well-being. 

Welcome to AmeriCorps Healthy Futures, a dynamic initiative powered by the United Way of Anderson County! Our vision is clear: to make Anderson County the healthiest county in South Carolina. We're on a mission to address critical issues related to substance misuse, mental health, and behavioral well-being.

Our Approach: At the heart of our program are dedicated AmeriCorps members serving as mentors and contributing to our education and outreach efforts. Through their commitment and passion, we aim to provide 12,000 hours of mentoring, and 12,000 unique touches with community members creating positive and lasting impacts on the lives of those we serve.

AmeriCorps Healthy Futures Focus Areas

Camp Mariposa Mentors for At-Risk Youth: With 15 AmeriCorps members serving as mentors, we're building a community of support and empowerment. Our mentors are the pillars of change, helping youth navigate the challenges they face.  They attend Camp Mariposa weekends with our youth and an extra activity each month where the youth are exposed to community service, college tours, sporting events, and other opportunities that expose them to possibilities. Camp Mariposa is where kids come to transform their lives, fostering resilience and equipping them with the tools needed for a brighter future. Learn more about Camp Mariposa.

Education and Outreach Team: Our Education and Outreach team is at the forefront of change, organizing workshops for youth and families that foster development and resilience. With the goal of reaching 12,000 unique individuals, our team also actively participates in community events, sharing valuable information on substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral well-being.

How you can help?

Join us in our journey to create a healthier and more resilient Anderson County. Together, we're not just making a difference; we're building a healthier, happier future for our community!

  • Invite us to present valuable information to your civic club, organization, church, school, or classroom 
  • Invite us to attend your event as a community resource 
  • Apply to join our AmeriCorps team either as a youth mentor or an outreach member
  • Support Camp Mariposa with in-kind donations of snacks, activities, sports equipment, etc.

Transforming Lives, Creating Futures - AmeriCorps Healthy Futures of United Way of Anderson County.

To learn more about AmeriCorps visit or contact Kelis Vogel at 864-226-3438 or

Join our AmeriCorps Team

We are currently recruiting for the next service year (8/1/24-7/31/25). We have three AmeriCorps position types: Camp Mariposa MentorsEducation and Outreach Team, and Education and Outreach Team Lead. Download or scroll through the images below to learn more. Please contact Kelis Vogel at 864-226-3438 or to get more information.