Imagine Anderson


Imagine Anderson was created to serve as a vision for Anderson County.

This plan is to serve as a catalyst for improving Anderson County for twenty years beginning in 2006. In 2026, Anderson
County will celebrate its Bicentennial. This plan was developed as part of the foundation for a great
community. Anderson County is taking charge of its own destiny and creating a road map to this
historic celebration. This plan was developed by citizens throughout the county under the guidance of
the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce and its steering committee.

This vision stands ready to support community-building in five goal areas:

  • Growth Management
  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Health & Human Services
  • Leisure & Recreation

The vision process gave the citizens of Anderson County a vehicle for their voices to be heard
regarding the shaping of the future of the community and a vehicle to make it happen.
An old proverb says, “A vision without a plan is just a dream.” A plan without a vision is just
drudgery, but a vision with a plan can change the world. Maybe better said by Casey Stengel, “if you
don’t know where you’re going, you might end up someplace else.”


Imagine Anderson represents what matters most to the people of Anderson County.

  • Prosperity with growth that is reasonable not haphazard
  • Education as a beacon of health, prosperity and good citizenship
  • A diversified economy with employment opportunities in technology, healthcare, commerce, agriculture and tourism
  • Health & Human Services to provide for people of all ages
  • Plentiful opportunities for recreation, relaxation, arts and culture

The Imagine Anderson Plan represents the hopes and dreams of its residents, and working together
we can ensure a bright future for all of Anderson County!

Imagine Anderson Board

Nakia Davis, Chair
Ann Jaskwhich, Vice-Chair
Maurice McKenzie, Past Chair
Glenn Brill
Liz Brock
Danny Bufkin
Dr. Becky Campbell
Tammie Collins
Dr. Bob Couch
Michael Cunningham
Teri Gilstrap
Hollie Harrell
Grayson Kelly
Ron Marchant
John Miller
Bradley Orr
Penny Painter
Ellie Phillips
Dr. Richard Rosenberger
Mayor Terence Roberts
Kimberly Spears
Dyke Spencer
Chris Sullivan
Wally Weathers
Dean Woods


We all deserve a breath of fresh air!

Imagine Anderson, the United Way of Anderson County and the South Carolina Tobacco-Free Collaborative have joined together to promote and support the adoption of smoke-free policies across all Anderson County communities.

Did you know…

•    Secondhand smoke kills 41,000 people, a little over 100 people per day, in the U.S. every year.  It’s an internationally recognized hazard to health.
•    According to a 2006 Surgeon General’s report, “There is no risk free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.”
•    Restaurant and bar workers are exposed to 3-6 times more secondhand smoke than people married to smokers.  Hospitality workers are the most heavily exposed and the least protected workers.
•    No feasible ventilation system can eliminate the health risk of secondhand smoke, the only solution is to go 100% smoke-free.
•    Approximately 80% of Anderson County chooses NOT to smoke.  

It’s As Simple As Going Smoke-Free...

•    In South Carolina, 59 municipalities have already gone have already gone smoke-free.  Eleven (11) of these are located in the Upstate region.
•    Right here in Anderson County, Pendleton (2012), Williamston (2013), and West Pelzer (2014) have led the way and have already gone smoke-free.
•    Anderson County Parks and TriCounty Technical College have gone smoke- free.
•    Economic impact studies have shown no negative financial impact on businesses going smoke-free, and in fact, many studies site increases in revenue and decreases in operating costs.

Join Us.  We want all Anderson County communities to become smoke-free. We all deserve a breath of fresh air! 

For more information go to

What you can do:

  • Frequent local smoke-free restaurants and shops near you.
  • Enjoy local smoke-free parks.
  • Shop in towns that are smoke-free  (Pendleton and Williamston and West Pelzer).
  • Encourage other local businesses and organizations to go smoke-free.
  • Talk to your policymakers about passing a smoke-free ordinance for your community.

Click to view Model Smoke Free Ordinance and list of SC Smoke Free Ordinances.


Goal Area Accomplishlments



  • Downtown revitalizaton efforts in Anderson, Iva, Belton, Pendleton, West Pelzer, and Williamston.
  • Increased drive for more green space, and enhancing what is there (downtown park, Linley Park, bike path along E/W Connector, Green Pond project, Brown Road Project, Blue Ways plan, rocky River plan).
  • Increase collaboration among City & County on projects.
  • The City of Anderson, Anderson County and United Way are working to enhance neighborhoods and decrease blights (Imagine A Neighborhood). Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Homes for Hope are building new houses.
  • Green Pond Project.


  • Increased focus on early childhood education.
  • Graduate Anderson implemented in District 5. Due to economy, graduation rates are increasing.
  • Consolidation Study: Superintendents meet regularly to look at ways to collaborate.
  • Increased interaction between schools and business community (Aligh SC has helped).
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention programs launched in School Districts 3, 4 & 5.
  • Anderson County Museum & Pendleton Historic Foundation saw record breaking numbers this past year. Many of the visitors were school groups.



  • Downtown revitalization efforts

Health and Human


  • AnMed, Free Clinic, AOP Mental Health are working in this area.
  • Eat Smart Move More Anderson County local chapter has been formed and a county-wide action plan to address obesity has been developed.
  • Senior Solutions, Hospice of the Upstate and a number of assisted living options are available
  • Teen Pregnancy Programs in School Districts 3, 4, & 5.
  • City of Anderson & Andereson County are adding new and enhancing old recreational facilities
  • 800 MHz communication system, 211 Call Center is operating.

Leisure and


  • More parks, greenways and waterways are being built.
  • Block Party in downtown Anderson.
  • Green Pond project.
  • Saluda River project.
  • Saluda River handicap - accessible kayaking center.
  • Rocky River project.