Smoke Free Anderson County

We all deserve a breath of fresh air!

Imagine Anderson, the United Way of Anderson County and the South Carolina Tobacco-Free Collaborative have joined together to promote and support the adoption of smoke-free policies across all Anderson County communities.

Did you know…

•    Secondhand smoke kills 41,000 people, a little over 100 people per day, in the U.S. every year.  It’s an internationally recognized hazard to health.
•    According to a 2006 Surgeon General’s report, “There is no risk free level of exposure to secondhand smoke.”
•    Restaurant and bar workers are exposed to 3-6 times more secondhand smoke than people married to smokers.  Hospitality workers are the most heavily exposed and the least protected workers.
•    No feasible ventilation system can eliminate the health risk of secondhand smoke, the only solution is to go 100% smoke-free.
•    Approximately 80% of Anderson County chooses NOT to smoke.  

It’s As Simple As Going Smoke-Free...

•    In South Carolina, 59 municipalities have already gone have already gone smoke-free.  Eleven (11) of these are located in the Upstate region.
•    Right here in Anderson County, Pendleton (2012), Williamston (2013), and West Pelzer (2014) have led the way and have already gone smoke-free.
•    Anderson County Parks and TriCounty Technical College have gone smoke- free.
•    Economic impact studies have shown no negative financial impact on businesses going smoke-free, and in fact, many studies site increases in revenue and decreases in operating costs.

Join Us.  We want all Anderson County communities to become smoke-free. We all deserve a breath of fresh air! 

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What you can do:

  • Frequent local smoke-free restaurants and shops near you.
  • Enjoy local smoke-free parks.
  • Shop in towns that are smoke-free  (Pendleton and Williamston and West Pelzer).
  • Encourage other local businesses and organizations to go smoke-free.
  • Talk to your policymakers about passing a smoke-free ordinance for your community.

Click to view Model Smoke Free Ordinance and list of SC Smoke Free Ordinances.