Meeting Basic Needs - Shelter

We know some people fall through the gaps and end up without a safe place to stay. We have partnered with and made funding available to both the Salvation Army and Safe Harbor. Salvation Army is a stop-gap to keep individuals and families from living in their cars, tents, or other unsafe locations. Statistics have show that there has been an increase in criminal domestic violence during this time of pandemic and Safe Harbor is a safe place for women and children to find rest and find stability after going through the trauma of domestic violence.

Ongoing Support

We know that the lack of safe shelter is not something that can be resolved quickly for many families and we want to be a part of providing safety and stability in our community. We are continuing to allocate funding to agencies for the entirety of the fiscal year.

Funded Agencies Addressing Shelter for 2020-21

Salvation Army  Shelter Services  $10,000
Safe Harbor  Shelter  $20,000

*Safe Harbor's funding is provided through our United for Health Collaborative