Rent and Utilities

Meeting Basic Needs - Rent and Utilities

Early on during this COVID-19 pandemic people were protected from eviction or having their utilities turned off. We know that those protections are only temporary and decided to convene a Rent and Utilities collaboration between S.H.A.R.E., AIM, and Clemson Community Care (serving Pendleton) with the mission to keep Anderson County residents in their homes with operating utilities for their health and safety.

Ongoing Support

Due to the understanding that circumstances will continue to be challenging for many families, we have allocated our grant funding through the fiscal year to assist agencies that help with Rent and Utilities.

Funded Agencies Addressing Rent and Utilities for 2020-21

Habitat for Humanity  Housing Projects  $10,000
AIM  Pivotal Support  $20,000
Clemson Community Care  Pendleton Feeding and Pivotal Support  $11,000

*Clemson Community Care's $11,000 funding is divided between their Feeding program and Pivotal Support program.