Meeting Basic Needs - Food

In light of COVID-19, United Way of Anderson County quickly created a collaborative between 10 agencies addressing hunger in our community. We know residents have faced reduced hours, job-loss, and challenges to their financial stability. Extra assistance meeting this Basic Need is crucial for this difficult time.

Ongoing Support

We continued our support of front line agencies who address hunger in our grant allocations that span the entire fiscal year knowing that meeting Basic Needs will be a top priority of our organization in this challenging time.

Funded Agencies Addressing Hunger for 2020-21

Meals on Wheels  Senior Meals Program  $15,000
Lot Project  Hope Program  $10,000
Emergency Soup Kitchen  Feeding Program  $10,000
Clemson Community Care  Pendleton Feeding and Pivotal Support  $11,000
AIM  Food Program  $5,000
BIMA Belton Feeding Program  $3,000
Honea Path United Ministries Feeding Program  $3,000
Good Neighbor Cupboard Feeding program  $3,000
Senior Solutions  Senior Meals Program  $3,000

*Clemson Community Care's $11,000 funding is divided between their Feeding program and Pivotal Support program.