Basic Needs Funded Partners


Community Partners

Our Community Impact Cabinet volunteers work diligently to identify and fund Community Partners to address Anderson County’s most pressing needs and create positive, lasting and measurable change.

Meeting Basic Needs

Alston Wilkes Society
The mission at AWS is “Rebuilding Lives for a Safer Community” and we look to achieve that by providing the assistance and resources necessary for our clients to find the security and stability that allows them to become productive members of society, Our programs work in partnership with the Veterans Administration and Federal Bureau of Prisons and are nationally accredited.

Anderson Emergency Kitchen
The mission of Anderson’s Emergency Kitchen (AEK) is to address hunger.  It is a weekday (Monday through Friday) feeding program that provides a hot nutritional meal to all in need who come through our doors. Our strategy is not a lofty strategy, but it is an essential one to the clients we serve. Many of them may not be able to get even one meal a day, and others are pressed to be food secure without these meals. During the pandemic, the Soup Kitchen will be serving carry-out meals only.

Habitat For Humanity
Everyone should have an affordable, durable place to live in dignity and safety. With volunteers, donors and our future homeowners, we build decent, affordable shelter for people in need.

Meals on Wheels
Meals on Wheels delivers a hot, nutritious meal daily to over 650 recipients across Anderson County. But it is so much more than food in a tray. Volunteers deliver recipients their food, but they also greet them, interact with them and make sure they are doing okay. This warm, human interaction helps reduce the feelings of isolation and improves their physical and mental health and also makes them feel safe and cared for.

The LOT Project
The LOT Project seeks to cultivate intentional relationships with those in need, to build connections to the opportunities in our community, and to serve our neighbors in creative and empowering ways.